What if your staff had precise, accurate and consistent information about the plans you sell and service?

Could you:

  • Reduce Cost
  • Improve Service
  • Grow Sales

Logixpartners radically improves the quality of health plan information through the entire plan life cycle from sales to account setup, underwriting, billing, renewals and more. Logixpartners lets you quickly and easily build plans from component libraries, then manage those plans with precision and ease

Our Services include:

  • PlanLogix Installation and Configuration – PlanLogix is uniquely configured for every client’s book of business. The configuration process consists of two steps: Component Library configuration and Benefit Plan Construction and conversion.
  • Benefit Plan Consolidation – PlanLogix provides unique capabilities for consolidation. Our staff can work with your organization to substantially reduce the complexity and redundancy with the company’s existing benefit plans.
  • Benefit Plan Conversion – The PlanLogix Benefit Plan Component Library contains a superset of benefit plan information which greatly facilitates the conversion from one plan representation to another. It also frees the organization from being tied to any vendor specific representation.
  • Process Improvement – The LogixPartners’ staff are experts on all aspects of benefit plan processing. We can will work with your organization to optimize all business processes associated with benefit plan processing.
  • Activity Based Costing – Activity Based Costing measures the cost to perform units of work within a business process. It tracks both work performed correctly as well as errors and rework. It gives a clear, quantitative picture of the cost of servicing your benefit plans
  • Systems Integration – The LogixPartners staff are experts at data conversion and systems integration. We can work with your organization to fully integrate benefit plan information within your IT environment.
  • Training – LogixPartners provides comprehensive training for PlanLogix including: Plan Configuration, XML, XSLT (Plan formatting and Conversion), and Python (Business Rules Scripting)

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